What is Explicit Information?

Explicit Information is any kind of information that is precise, clear, visible and exposed publicly. Explicit Information is fully and clearly expressed or demonstrated and leaves nothing merely implied, it is clearly observable information. The Explicit Information can be codified, articulated and stored in media systems and then readily transmitted to others.

Examples of Explicit Information

User manuals, documents and procedures, information in textbooks and online are all forms of Explicit Information. More over work of art and other information that requires human skill such as mathematical solutions are also forms of explicit information.

Further on, many products and works of are provide explicit content such as hiphop and rap songs, video games and certain videos and movies where parental advisory and explicit information warnings are labeled on their products, etc.

An Example for Explicit Information

In Information Technology systems there is a suprerior representation and transfer of Explicit Information and Explicit Information requires Tacit Knowledge to correctly process through. For example art appreciation.

In business systems explicit information is any information that can be displayed or provided to the stakeholders of a company or organization. For example company accounts, stock reports, the company's mission statement and goals, tangible information and assets, etc.

Example of Explicit Information: Ford Motor Company Accounts